EP 14: $Mike (Featuring Dash)

September 28, 2016

Money Mike is currently the number 3 ranked player in NC for Supser Smash Bros Melee and is also ranked 85th on the 2015 MIOM Top 100 list. Additionally he is the star and producer of Payday, one of the most popular melee combo videos of all time and widely regarded as one of the greatest as well. His doubles partner Alex "Dash" Daniels joins us to co host and discuss how he and mike got linked up. Hookshot Miguel answers your fan questions and more on this episode of The Super WaveCast 


EP 13: The Keef Crew

September 3, 2016

Keith "Mighty Keef" Ford and Danny "Dandy Penguin" Sabouri are content creators on YouTube known as "The Keef Crew" the channel boast smash themed comedy videos and just under thirty thousand subscribers. Today the crew comes to the Wave to talk their origins in smash, creative process for creating videos and other topics with Smith and Dylan.

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EP 12: Prog

August 16, 2016

Wynton "Prog" Smith is a Super Smash Bros content producer as well as Melee commentator, he is currently heading the project "Last Stock Legends". Prog is widely considered to be the one of the most prominent voices of Melee commentary and an ambassador for the Melee community at large for everything from Nintendo themselves to the FGC. Today he joins Dylan at SmashCon to catch up and talk about some of the old days, as well as his plans for the future on this episode of The Super Wavecast!


EP 11: Liquid Hungrybox

August 1, 2016

Juan "Hungrybox"  Debiedma is currently the number 2 ranked super smash brothers melee player in the world and is widely considered to be one of the greatest of all time. He is almost undisputedly the most successful Jigglypuff player in the history of the game, and this past month he became the 2016 EVO Series Champion, Claiming the top prize in fighting games for SSBM to cap off a phenomenal summer for him winning several events such as CEO, LTC4, and Smash N Splash 2. Now Hbox's sights are set on another big win at this year's SmashCon but not before he stops by The Wave to discuss his big EVO win with Dylan. Join us for our biggest episode yet as we get inside the mind of the man behind the green head band, Hungrybox.

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EP 10: Twitch

July 26, 2016

Alex "Twitch" Nanney is the number 1 ranked Melee player in North Carolina and the younger brother of former world champion Kevin Nanney. He is the winner of The Fall Classic 2016 as well as several M.A.D.D city monthlies. He finished 3rd at the largest North Carolina tournament ever, Bad Moon Rising. Today he stops by The Wave to talk all things Melee and more


EP 09: DizzKidBoogie

July 13, 2016

Kyle "DizzKidBoogie" Athayde is a top level ice climbers player based out of the San Francisco area. Despite only being a 3 year veteran of the game, DizzKid has shown time and time again that he can boogie with the best of them and is fresh off of two top ten finishes at CEO and WTFOX2, easily two of the most competitive and vicious events of the year. Get a little insight into the mind of this musical maestro as he guides you through his melee journey and more on The WaveCast


EP 08: Lucas Stargazer (Dark Hart)

June 17, 2016

Lucas Hart Portnoy, otherwise known as Dark Hart or LucasStargazer more recently, is the number 11 ranked player for Melee in North Carolina, he is an 11 year veteran of the North Carolina Melee scene and was one of the founding members of legendary crew Not Even Good. 

Lucas has additionally been a prominent TO for several storied events in North Carolina, and long time close friend of host Dylan MrBeenReady McGrath in this one and one podcast they dive deep into the Lucas's history and such topics as rage quitting, player perspective and some classic NC drama on this episode of The Wave 

EP 07: NEG Clementine

May 22, 2016

Ian "Clementine" Data is a 13 year old Melee player from Chapel Hill, NC. He is a 1 year Melee veteran and long time member of team NEG.

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EP 06: Everlasting Yayhuzz and Twig

May 4, 2016

Michael "Yay" Harrell is the number 1 ranked player for Super Smash Bros Melee in South Carolina and has been playing melee since 2005, Forest "Twig" White was a founding member of the North Carolina Smash scene and the originator of the phrase "Stack it up"in Smash. In this episode they regale us with stories from yesteryear, among such topics discussed we have the original "Stack It up!" Story, LOZR and the origin of the one they call "Doctor Peepee" please subscribed to the podcast on Itunes and Podbean!


EP 05: Sharkz

April 24, 2016

Tyler "Sharkz" Bass is the number five power ranked melee player in North Carolina and one of the top Ice Climber mains on the East Coast. Smith misses out on this episode but will return in Episode 6.