EP 23: MKMT 3 Variety Show

January 30, 2018

Moses Kang Memorial tournament 3 was a super smash brothers Melee event hosted on campus at UNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The event was hosted by Joshua Jiang, Chi “Ambition” Wong and the Mixed Asian Students Heritage Club. The event is a landmark yearly North Carolina Melee event, boasting one of the years highest counts for singles entrants. In this interview Dylan sits town with TOs and tournament attendees to talk about the event and discuss the history and the future of the series.


EP: 23 Clementine 2: The Champion Returns

November 17, 2017
Clementine is a 14 year old Melee player from the Triangle region of North Carolina, currently ranked 18th on NC Gar PR and most recent Arcadian champion. Clem gets cozy with Smith and Dylan to talk about the win at Arcadian over the enigmatic newcomer Bane and an upcoming Arcadian Champion vs Champion match with MD/VA’s Bobby Big Ballz this coming weekend at The SWC Salty Suite at Super Famicon 2017.

EP: 22 Arcadian Recap and Sushi Recovery with Dark Hart

October 18, 2017
In this episode of The Wavecast, Dylan sits down with Lucas over sushi to go over their experiences at the NC Arcadian 4, we discuss our hosting strategy, seeding errors, over all feelings about the event as well as talk about some of the best matches of the tournament. If you enjoy the show leave us a review on iTunes for your chance to win a free Super Wavecast shirt! Don't forget to register for Super Famicon 2017, this November 17th-19th at the Elm ST center in Greensboro NC!

EP: 21 Yeroc

July 7, 2017

Corey "Yeroc" Archer is a Melee vet who's roots can be traced back to the games release, he hosted the first ever tournament in North Carolina. In this episode of The Wave he regales us with tales of the old days as well as the modern adventures of an old head Melee competitor. Corey is also an electrical engineer with far more than the average Melee player's understanding of "hardware" and just what kind of implications a controller mod like the Arduino would have on our scene. Please leave us a five star review for the show and enter to win a buttery soft esports proof Super WaveCast Tee


EP: 20 Chi Wong (Ambition) & HiFi

April 8, 2017

After a post Function[1] wrap up with Dylan, he sits down with Chi "Ambition" Wong and Graham "HiFi" Timothy to talk about their new podcast "The Top Platform" a Melee podcast that focuses their scope on NC Melee as a whole and features guest from all skill levels within the state as well as segments written and requested by their team or listener base. You can catch the show right now on YouTube and every other Monday. If you like the Super Wavecast and want to show your support please leave us a 5 star review as it really helps with the visibility of the show. In addition to helping us leaving a five star review enters you in for a chance to win a free WAVE official t shirt that's guaranteed buttery soft


EP: 19 Dark Hart and The Rising Bad Moon

March 11, 2017

Lucas "Dark Hart" Portnoy is a multi time PR'd player in North Carolina as well as one of the lead tournament organizers for Bad Moon Rising 1, the former co captain of NC smash dynasty Not Even Good now makes his return to the TO desk to help run Bad Moon Rising 2! He sits down with Dylan on this episode of the Wave to discuss the stuff n such days, all things NEG culminating in BMR and the first NC Melee Arcadian. We also talk why NEG disbanded, his retirement from TO'ing and why now is a good time to return for BMR2. We almost break my phone from the sheer length of time we spend talking, so grab some chips kick back and get ready for a long ride. As always please rate and review the show on iTunes to be entered into a chance to win a free shirt! Our first winner was Justin Wharton, thanks Justin for supporting our show


EP 18: Darrel

January 28, 2017

Darrell is a top Melee Samus player from Northern California. He is currently ranked 92nd on the 2016 SSBMRank and 17th on the NorCal Melee Power Rankings. Join him on this edition of the Super Wavecast as he and Dylan walk the streets of San Jose in search of food in a brief break from Genesis 4 action as we talk Melee, coming up in NorCal, boxing and more! Don't forget to subscribe and review us on iTunes!!


EP 17: Gravy and the SmashBox Discussion Extravaganza!

December 26, 2016

Gravy (@IareGravy) is 62nd on MiOM's 2015 Melee top 100 as well as the number 6 rank on the Central Florida power ranking. Currently he is the melee representivie for Hitbox, a company known for making perphiles for FGC play, and more so recently have released a product they say could potentially be the future of Smash. Amongst some controversy Gravy appeared as the most outspoken voice for the Equipment. I invite him onto The Wave to discuss what exatly the Smashbox represents for him as well as the long reaching implacations of the controller in mainstream play. As always, if you enjoy the show please leave us a 5 star review on Itunes, subsribe there if you havent already, and give us a follow on twitter


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EP 16: Super Famisode (Chi, Col Bol, Kaeon)

November 25, 2016

On this special edition of the Wave youll be diving into the fine details of Super Famicon 2016 with the two head organizers for the melee event there, Chi and your fearless host El Tigre himself. Youll hear about our greatest triumphs and follies hosting the first NC regional since Bad Moon Rising. This podcast also features a special section near the end where youll get to hear the first ever live edition of The Super Wavecast featuring long time friends of the show Kaeon, Col Bol, and Dark Hart. 

SUPER WAVECAST Buttery soft tees will be availble at the NC melee arcadian this new years eve in all adult sizes, you can order in advance by tweeting us @SuperWavecast


EP 15: Moophobia

November 4, 2016

Zach "Moophobia" Hayes is a former North Carolina resident as well as formerly ranked 7th on North Carolina's Melee Power Ranking. He moved to the Dallas area about 3 years ago and has since been regarded as a top five player of the region. He was also the first training partner and static doubles partner of Host, MrBeenReady. Join us as well as Lucas "Dark Hart" Portnoy as we regale tales of times past with Moo as well as his thoughts on TX scene vs NC's scene, his thoughts on NC's current vibe and more on this episode of The Wave!