EP: 19 Dark Hart and The Rising Bad Moon

March 11, 2017

Lucas "Dark Hart" Portnoy is a multi time PR'd player in North Carolina as well as one of the lead tournament organizers for Bad Moon Rising 1, the former co captain of NC smash dynasty Not Even Good now makes his return to the TO desk to help run Bad Moon Rising 2! He sits down with Dylan on this episode of the Wave to discuss the stuff n such days, all things NEG culminating in BMR and the first NC Melee Arcadian. We also talk why NEG disbanded, his retirement from TO'ing and why now is a good time to return for BMR2. We almost break my phone from the sheer length of time we spend talking, so grab some chips kick back and get ready for a long ride. As always please rate and review the show on iTunes to be entered into a chance to win a free shirt! Our first winner was Justin Wharton, thanks Justin for supporting our show


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