EP 16: Super Famisode (Chi, Col Bol, Kaeon)

November 25, 2016

On this special edition of the Wave youll be diving into the fine details of Super Famicon 2016 with the two head organizers for the melee event there, Chi and your fearless host El Tigre himself. Youll hear about our greatest triumphs and follies hosting the first NC regional since Bad Moon Rising. This podcast also features a special section near the end where youll get to hear the first ever live edition of The Super Wavecast featuring long time friends of the show Kaeon, Col Bol, and Dark Hart. 

SUPER WAVECAST Buttery soft tees will be availble at the NC melee arcadian this new years eve in all adult sizes, you can order in advance by tweeting us @SuperWavecast


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