EP 11: Liquid Hungrybox

August 1, 2016

Juan "Hungrybox"  Debiedma is currently the number 2 ranked super smash brothers melee player in the world and is widely considered to be one of the greatest of all time. He is almost undisputedly the most successful Jigglypuff player in the history of the game, and this past month he became the 2016 EVO Series Champion, Claiming the top prize in fighting games for SSBM to cap off a phenomenal summer for him winning several events such as CEO, LTC4, and Smash N Splash 2. Now Hbox's sights are set on another big win at this year's SmashCon but not before he stops by The Wave to discuss his big EVO win with Dylan. Join us for our biggest episode yet as we get inside the mind of the man behind the green head band, Hungrybox.

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